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SunilShetty @ Subvision

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SunilShetty @ Subvision buy celebrity photos
Image by The Learned Monkey & the Lazy King I didn't take this foto but found it on an SD card I bought new in a shop in Brigade Road, Bangalore, November 2005. Believe it or not, it shows Kricket star Sunil Shetty. He is trying on shades in the Subvision store, Mumbai. Subvision make the coolest shades. If you are looking for a cool look to wear on your festival, in art galleries or offspaces: subvision is what you should look for. Cool thing in Hamburg, Hafencity, New York or Mumbai.

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Image by Mirka23 Here I am meeting one of my first favorite comic book authors. Unfortunately, when I met him, I argued with him about how many issues of Miracleman had been released. He should know, he wrote the thing (towards the end of its run), but I stubbornly disagreed with him. I insisted that only 23 issues had been published and he said there were 24. He was right, of course, and I later managed to buy a copy of issue 24 on eBay. This picture was probably taken before I started arguing with him.

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Image by NisargPhotography Madonna opens her fitness club Hard Candy in Toronto Website | Buy Images | Facebook | Twitter | 500px | Behance | Tumblr | Please Note: All Photographs are copyrighted & all rights reserved. None of these photos may be reproduced and/or used in any form of Publication, Print or on the Internet without written permission. If you want to use them please contact me( nisarg.lakhmani@yahoo.com ) Feel free to drop your comments.